Vincent’s Lace Crochet Shawl

crochet shawl colinette


Pattern   I bought this pattern as a handout for 1 Euro in a yarn shop in Husum, Germany. I have tried to contact the shop to find the source of the pattern, but they didn’t reply to me…

Yarn   3 skeins Colinette, Art in the shade Vincent’s Apron.

Hook   7 mm

The pattern was very short and easy to follow from a handdrawn diagram. So it was easy to remember and just took a couple of days to complete.

The yarn is just wonderful! The bamboo content in it gives a nice strength to the wool and adds some shining affect too, so it resembles a wool/silk blend. The whole piece looked so much better after blocking it. My mom found the shawl very pretty, so I gifted it to her.

 crochet lace shawl bamboo