Fruit Coasters

crochet apple coaster

Patterns  From the Book Tea Time of Yarn by Tomoko Fujita 藤田智子 2006, 72 pages, ISBN: 4861912016. Read my review here.

Yarn Plötulopi from Istex. For the apple coaster I used green, offwhite, white and red Plötulopi worked with two strands.

The pear coaster was also worked with 2 strands of white, offwhite green and dark green Plötulopi.

Hook  5 mm crochet hook.

The original pattern in the book has different fruit pouches in it, but I decided to make coasters from the patterns instead.

Since the Plötulopi breaks very easily I decided to make the coasters with two strands of yarn. When I finished the crochet work the coasters were felted by putting them in alternating hot and cold water baths. I estimate this made the work shrink about 20%.

It was very easy to follow the instructions in the book even if I was not able to decipher a single Japanese sign: There are crochet charts for all projects were international crochet symbols are used.

crochet pear coaster