Tea Time of Yarn   毛糸のティータイム—藤田智子のニットルーム

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Book Review  Tea Time of Yarn by Tomoko Fujita 藤田智子 2006, 72 pages, ISBN: 4861912016.

A couple of days ago I got post from Amazon, Japan:-))  5 great crochet books, which were delivered pretty fast: Only 9 days from Asia to Europe.

Amongst them is this little gem by Tomoko Fujita: Tea Time of yarn.  It contains 16 crochet projects, 14 of them are food related:

A funny tea cozy (see front cover), strawberry-, pineapple-, watermelon-, pear-, egg- and apple pouches, doughnut brooches, a chocolate cake tissue box and more. The patterns are made with care for details and can easily be remodeled to coasters, dishcloths or embellishments for clothes. The layout is also made in a simple but tasteful style.

The instructions look very clear, so Japanese skills will hopefully not be necessary. Every project is accompanied with a crochet stitch diagram, so I don’t have to read any Japanese instructions.

So far I have made the apple and pear coasters,  apple and watermelon coasters and a very cute strawberry pouch.