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Knitting Needle Case

 All my needles needed a home and I decided to sew a knitting needle case for them: One case for the normal needles and one for the circular knitting needles. There are several tutorials about needle cases on the Internet and I picked up ideas here and there to make my own. A needle roll would probably be to clumsy for all my needles, so I decided to make a case that can be folded.


0,5 m Amy Butler fabric in green

0,5 m Amy Butler fabric in matching green

0,5 m interfacing (vlieseline)

5 m ribbon band (skråbånd in Danish)

Free Sewing Tutorial

Cut the following fabric pieces:

For the outer fabric 54 cm width x 52 cm height

For the inner lining 54 cm width x 52 cm height

The interfacing is  54 cm x 52 cm

The big needle compartment is 54 cm x 31 cm

The medium 20 cm x 54 cm

The small compartment is 15 cm x 54 cm

Cut 2 x 25 cm bands and 2 x 60 cm bands. Fold the bands and sew them together, so they become narrow bands.

Sew the upper edges of each compartment.

Sew the big compartment onto the lining, then the medium compartment and at last the small compartment. Make as many pockets as you need and keep in mind the big needles need more space. When sewing the medium and small compartment, sew exactly on the same seams as you did with the big compartment. This way you will have enough space for the big needles in the big compartment.

Make sure when you sew the pockets, that you divide the needle case in 3 equally sized parts, so it is easy to fold the case when you want to tie it with the ribbon band.

Place lining, interfacing and outer fabric on top of each other and pin together with pins. Sew all 3 fabrics together with the band (skråbånd). Place 4 ribbon bands at the right side and sew together with the band.

knitting roll case organizer free sewing pattern

With upper flap folded, so the needles don’t fall out when handling the needle case:

knitting roll case organizer free sewing pattern

knitting roll case organizer free sewing pattern

Pattern as PDF

You can download this pattern as a PDF. Click the button below.

PDF Knitting Needle Case

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