Amy Butler Knitting Bag

Pattern:   Simplicity sewing pattern Nr. 4625

Materials  0,75 m Amy Butler fabric in green. 0,75 m Amy Butler fabric in brown/orange. 0,75 m interfacing and 0,5 m ribbon band.

For months I’ve been looking for a knitting bag, but couldn’t find any that I found was worth the price.  A week before Christmas I found this little shop with Amy Butler fabrics and decided to sew my own bag. The pattern was easy and I’m very happy with the result:

amy butler design

And a look inside the bag:

knitting bag

Amy Butler Knitting Tools Bag

Pattern  Amy Butler  make up bag pattern.

Materials  0,3 m Amy Butler fabric in green. 0,3 m Amy Butler fabric in brown/orange and one 20 cm zipper.

When I knit I always need to have stitchmarkers, scissors and measuring tape at hand. So I made this little matching bag to go into the big knitting bag:

amy butler makeup bag

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