Garter Stitch Squares Scarf

noro knitted shawl garter

Pattern  From the book Knitted Shawls, Stoles & Scarves by Nancie M. Wiseman.

Yarn    Noro Kureyon. This yarn is a worsted weight yarn.

Needles   5 mm

I forgot which shade Noro Kureyon yarn I used. Choose a yarn where the colors change a lot. This will get the best effect for this sweater in my opinion.

I used a Noro Kureyon with yellow, blue, green and purple/pink shades in it. I didn’t like the purple/pink shades thoug and broke the yarn when those colors showed up, so the scarf mainly consists of blue, green and brown colors.

The shawl looks great when worn with green or gray sweaters. I simply look like a million with it and got lots of compliments for this shawl.

knitting noro garter shawl

knitting noro shawl

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