Knitted Ava, Wrap Kim Hargreaves

ava.jpgAva Wrap

Pattern  Ava from the Rowan booklet Ribbon Twist Collection. Designed by Kim Hargreaves.

Yarn 4 x 100 g Rowan, Ribbon Twist in the shade Riches.

Needles 12 mm

This is a great little piece: It keeps me warm in spring and fall, when one is not up to wearing a thick sweater.


Picture from the booklet

2 thoughts on “Knitted Ava, Wrap Kim Hargreaves

  1. Hi Raquel,

    I’m looking at the pattern and here is how I read it:
    You have to increase one stitch AT EACH END every time you increase, this way the wrap will become symmetrical. So when you are at row 15 you should have 34 stitches on your needle.
    Then you knit 6 rows: one with no increase, one with increase, one with no increase……..and so on.
    Then you only increase at both ends every 4th row until you end up with 48 stitches.

    Hope this makes sense to you and good luck with the project:-)

  2. Please help!!

    I have started to knit this wrap and at 15 rows, I am already stuck! :(

    I would need help in understanding the following instructions (size M)

    26 st on my needle,
    Inc 1 st at each end of next 4 rows, then on foll 4 alt rows, then on every 4th row until there are 48 sts.”

    I have already inc 4 rows by 1 st, but I don’t know if I need to start the second stage (where we increase alt rows) by another increased row or by a non increased row ?

    also I amsurprised because this is going to make a discrepancy between the two sides, with one much more increased than the other…?

    The wrap on the photo above looks brilliant. I wish mine comes out likes that!

    I hope I have been clear enough in my enquiry…I would be so grateful if you can assist me.

    Many thanks in advance for your help!
    Best regards.

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