Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

Vogue BookVogue Bookvogue knitting book review

Book: Vogue knitting: the ultimate knitting book by the editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine.

This book is just great!

Completely unfamiliar with English knitting terms the book has helped me to decipher knitting patterns! From the first scarf to more advanced projects it serves as a bible, whenever I run into problems. And this is a big thing for me: To approach English patterns with ease and confidence, that I ‘get’ the pattern instructions right.

As a reference book it includes explanations of knitting symbols, abbrevations, presentation of knitting tools, many examples of casting on-, increases-, decreases- and binding off techniques and various types of stitches. Almost everything is both explained with a drawing or photo and a text, which makes it a great reference book for the non English native speaker.

Of course one could also consult Youtube, but when I am in doubt of something, it is great to have a physical book, written by knit gurus, who can explain the simple and more advanced techniques to you. And you know, the author knows what she writes about, which is not always the case on Youtube…

I wished there was an equivalent book for crochet on the market. For crochet one has to weed through numerous publications, to get the info that is gathered in this gem.

Do you know about a crochet technique book, which is an equivalent to the Vogue Knitting book? I would really like to hear about it, since I have to look up crochet technique problems in various crochet books. Please, write a note below, if you can give ma any information!