Chenille Diagonal Lace Scarf

knitted scarf rowan chenille

Pattern  Chenille Diagonal Lace Scarf from the book Knitted Shawls, Stoles & Scarves by Nancie M. Wiseman. Martingale and Company 2001. I can recommend this book for the beginner knitter, who wants to try different knitting techniques on a beginner level. The patterns are all really nice, even though they can be accomplished by a novice knitter. The first knitting patterns are very easy and gradually they become more intricate. I found this a great way to increase my knitting skills.

Yarn  Rowan Chunky Chenille, in the shade Sprig. This yarn is discontinued by Rowan Yarns. Since chenille yarns are not so popular anymore, you might find it difficult finding a substitute for this yarn.

Knitting Needles  5 mm wood kneedles (I hate plastic needles, when they make this click click sound while knitting)

This was a very easy project and my first ever knitted lace project. The chenille yarn feels very special – it is a soft yarn, but not too soft. Chenille was a popular fiber in the 1980s and 1990s, but nowadays it is very hard to find. I wished I had knitted it in a more bold color, since this hue is a tad too ‘organic’ for me and makes me look pale. The chenille has some sheen to it and this doesn’t come through with this rather muddy color. So I use this shawl in summer, when I am having a tan :-)

Because I knitted one side more tight than the other, one side became 5 cm broader than the other one. Well, one cannot see this when I’m wearing the shawl. Take it as a remark what can go wrong as a novice knitter.

I didn’t block the scarf. Fortunately it came out right without blocking.

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knitting lace scarf rowan