Recycled Sweater Mitten Pattern

Sweater Mitten Sewing Pattern
A few days ago I sorted out some old sweaters and decided to bring them to The Red Cross. Then I remembered some ideas about upcycling felted sweaters and turning them into mittens. The result is a free sewing pattern for you about recycling a sweater to […]

Mantella Crochet Poncho Cape

Mantella Crochet Cape

My local yarn shop closed down and I looked into my yarn stash to see, if I had some leftovers from that particular store. I found the most soft alpaca yarn – Joruns Alpaca in blue and black. Alpaca is 5 times as warm as wool, so I decided […]

Arne Carlos knitted Christmas balls

Knitting Christmas Balls
with Arne and Carlos

Knitting Christmas ball ornaments have been cult for a couple of years now. Arne and Carlos are ‘knitting institutions’ in Scandinavia, they even have their own group on Ravelry. So this year it was time for me to join the flock and create some Julekugler for my Christmas […]

Free Christmas Fonts

Free Christmas Fonts 
You might need some Christmas fonts or images to write a special season inspired Christmas invitation or write a blog post. With the fonts mentioned below, I have created a Christmas card above :-)

I have selected a collection of pretty fonts for you below. As you can see […]

Trip to Sofiero

Sofiero Castle

This weekend I went to Helsingborg, Sweden to visit the great park Sofiero just a couple of kilometers north of the town.

Sofiero Castle is a historic castle with a very beautiful park. In fact in 2010 it won the title being the most beautiful park in Europe! It once belonged to the Swedish […]